Mountain overlooking the Valley

a view of the puyallup valley with mount rainier in the backgroundJill Lepore has written a wonderful piece on the fallacies of disruptive innovation from the New Yorker.

Dreaming of politicians speaking off message, with less dignity and less humility. GW standing at a podium, speaking to the press about an immigration policy that turns away bands of children, looking like a graduate of a farm league state college. Making jokes like nobody’s business. “I thought we were supposed to turn away every one but the jihadis,” and closing with his signature monkey smirk. Having another dream, a drink with friends, turns into last call Nader. Bill Clinton made a cameo I’m sure.

Big Yawn

The little lion. The seventeen pound forest cat. The Barthes. Little monster. Domesticity has exchanged his roar for a yawn, but visually, the act is quite arresting.